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Assalamu’alaikkum everyone! Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I would not be selling my book (Moments of Nil) anymore directly from myself. As usual, it will still be available for purchase at ONLINE BOOKSTORES and the PUBLISHER. No, there will be no hardbound/paperback publishings at the moment. Future works will be published in eBook form, instead… and will be sold from my own eShop.


This domain was born on 10th October 2010. I bought this domain on the purpose of publishing my writings online, but throughout the years… it has never been that.

“Moments of Nil” is a phrase I came up with (originally) for a category on my older blogs. I’ve blogged since 2002 and those blogs are long dead gone, and there was this term called “hiatus” for those bloggers who will be off the internet and whenever that happened to me, I will write a post under that category; except that it is called “Moments of Nil”. I will also use that particular category for announcing my absences to the followers.

Throughout the years, somehow this domain has never served its original purpose.

2010 – It became an online blog for my two sisters and I.

2011 – 2012 : I discovered Tumblr and pointed a tumblog on this domain.

2013 – 2014 : Maintained only the homepage of this domain. I was, yet again, on another moment of nil. However, at this point of my life, I managed to compile all my writings from 1998 – 2012 into a collection of 5 volumes of short stories and poems, available for purchase online.


The name of the book came from the website name, and not the other way round.
Both are products of “hiatus” moments, I refer to as moments of nil.
The website is partly about the book, but the book has nothing to do with the website.