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Flora Tavu

Date of Birth: December 14th 1985
Place of Birth: Taytay, Rizal – Philippines
Education: Institute of Technology, BN – 2007

Writing Style: Contemporary (fiction), Alternative

Blood Type: B+
Personality: INTJ, 5w4, Reserved/RCOEI
Outlook & Perception: Idealist, Surrealist, Gothic

Others: I’m also a blogger


Let’s not talk about me;
Let’s talk about


(excerpt poem from the book)

are irrelevant and/or insignificant.
are just a figment of my imagination.
are the way I want to see you.
are the way I understand you.
are the way I don’t see you as.
are the way I don’t understand you.
are mad.
are in denial.
are alone.
are afraid of being alone.
have no choice but to be with others.
have a reason for being with others, and that reason is mostly being selfish.
are living in fear.
hate being called scared.
think that the rest of your feelings exist, when the basis of everything is just FEAR.
are wondering why you fear, but the truth is you know.
don’t want to accept this truth.