Girls School Part 2

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Destiny or Choice? I've just taken my finals result. The discipline master told me that I could stop going to school already. I hardly saw any of the group, in the past 2 months. My schedule had become home to school and back home again. The student council and discipline teachers kept watch on me and the few other students, including Nobu of course, who got involved in the stabbing incident. Also, Mr. Hiroshi made it a point that he would randomly let me hear such words, “You should do your fin [...]

Girls School Part 1

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Moving The hall is almost deserted now. I really should hurry up. I had picked myself up from tripping; on what? I don't know, and I don't really care. I'm not used to this uniform at all. Getting up from one height to the next is another thing. I closed my eyes for a while, for otherwise... my vision will be blurred. Being anemic is not only a sickness now, for me... it's kind of a habit. I'm a foreigner in many ways. I've been to many parts of this country. Moving is my family's expertise. Bot [...]

Humming my Song

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I stared at the heavily tattooed man in a white sleeveless top and black jeans, in the kitchen. He was chopping meat on the preparation table itself, the chopping board hung closely by. While he was doing this, most probably for himself, because he seemed to be living alone, he was humming a tune. It sounded familiar but I can’t recall where I heard it from. He looked out the window at where I stood. My heart beat fast, and uneasiness formed at the pit of my stomach. Looking around the parking l [...]


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What I realised after all the hurt passed… Was that I was painfully blinded with your accusations. Each day became a denial mainly because of fear. This second winter froze our hearts; the loss had made it stand still. I admit I was lost but I still see tomorrow. It was mainly the reason why I cried. I waited for your words, but you remained mute. I drowned in the pain of watching loneliness rain down on you. It’s not that we didn’t understand, it was actually because we did. I told myself to be [...]


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Unthink… On this stage, Listen to the sound of the pouring rain; Like wishes falling down from nowhere; Falling in split seconds; Hitting the ground, Hard. Some, disappearing into thin air; Wishes, Hopes, Dreams… Intertwined into nothing but thoughts. Thoughts we held tight onto; For strength, for dear life. But we can’t grasp rain. We can’t hold onto these thoughts. Even if we think we do, It could only ever drench us. At times, it could even drown us… Leave us cold with the coldness of lost ho [...]

Heaven at her Feet

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Still feeling stomach upset, Noor cooked the day's dinner early in the morning. She didn't want another episode like yesterday or have to go to the doctor. The third trimester seems to be somehow the most difficult, at least for her. Her little bundle of joy growing inside her may now be a bundle of furball judging by the intense itchiness of her tummy. She expects scratch marks on the already heavily marked skin over her stretched belly. She wonders if putting extra Bio Oil would make a differe [...]

Henna Tattoo

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The floating petals are breathtaking... Sounds that doesn't even reach the bathtub, Along with the tears, its reality had passed. They sank into the midst of the bubbles; as "goodbye" waver the mixed colours of the water. At night, when the moon sleeps, when there are no stars; when the flower falls into dreams that bring it closer to tomorrow; if it wishes to bloom, I would say, even remaining as a bud is fine. The mirage, where butterflies dance, holds a secret; A secret so distant, almost fai [...]


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It's like watching the sunset. The beauty lay on the painted clouds in the sky; slowly changing as the velvets wash out the amber coloured scene, as time slowly does its work of changing the day into night. You know what you're there for; waiting for how it all ends. But the fundamental, most oppressive fear is when it all leads to nothing, and you're caught in a timeless apathy. Now let me tell you there's no miracle. Things are meant to be left unsure. Nobody knows his destiny, till he's there [...]

Coffee Shop

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I never understood as to how the coffee and papers in front of you, All cluttered on the table could ever be so interesting. What has the world done to you that you had to be this way? You said… Girls just need to sit down and be pretty. Well, I think I am pretty enough. And… I’m sitting here. If it was that easy… Why do I feel so helpless right now? The pouring rain soothes my senses, But no… That didn’t help. I’m drowning in my own tears. I know they never show, but I also know you could see t [...]

Moon Flower

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Above all else… And of the celestial bodies in the heavens above; I bloom for you, I wilt for you --- You are the one I LOVE. I never asked for anything; Just for your company. And I stood watch nocturnally Praying for you to see. The cloudless skies don’t woo me, Or the stars that glow so bright… For you are, to me the Brightness, In my darkest nights. I sing to you, wish you could hear, My Sonnet in the air. You barely ever moved… nor talk, As if I wasn’t there. You sat ever so mysteriously; I [...]

Mad about you…

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I know how you feel. Don’t think I don’t. I don’t have to see you to know what is going on. You and I, We are trapped... In a world that began in tears, overflowing like a river; and covered with fears. Don’t think I’m not strong… Is there another way to protect you? Don’t think I've lost hope; Because with you… It's all I have. Maybe I am selfish, but maybe I’m already complete. Broken but complete... And with wounds that would never heal; I'll gladly walk on all OUR pains and sorrow. Because w [...]

What’s Her Name – Chapter 1

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Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. The heat today was different. You know that feeling where your brain feels like it is slowly melting inside the skull, like cheese on top of lasagna; kind of like being inside a microwave oven; the heat just stirring around from inside. She stared at the girl in the mirror; sweat running down her forehead. “Concentrate,” she told herself. The marathon was in a month, and half her workouts have been sabotaged by the really rare, but rest assured binging. She would [...]